The countdown is on and not the good kind like a sun holiday or new year’s countdown, no it is 9-week countdown to the dreaded GDPR. I can feel your trepidation from here and quite frankly I don’t blame you it is extremely daunting. For a person with no idea as to what the GDPR is or how it impacts your business it’s terrifying and let’s face it we really haven’t been made fully aware of this or the serious impacts it will have on us until recently.

The act was passed 2 years ago but the hype only really started in the last 6 months, well in Ireland anyway. So in the traditional Irish spirit of “Ah sure it will be grand” we may have been over looking it and now it is no longer grand and the panic is hitting.

Now like most individuals, you are probably sitting at your desk, clutching your coffee for dear life, considering making it the good auld Irish version, whilst you look at that mountain like pile of documentation on this soul sucking regulation.

But fret not my friend because here at Copymoore we have your back. I am attaching a simplified check list for you to help you start your preparation.

Copymoore have a solution to keep your information secure for the data protection act

And if still you feel your mind is blown and you want a little more information then why not contact us here. We can send out our in-house DPO to your business to consult you on this mind field and offer solutions for you and your company and if that doesn’t work then maybe go for that Irish coffee.

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