What It Does

Docit by Copymoore is a client/server document management software suite, designed to grow at your organization’s pace.

Our scalable, feature rich suite software offers functionality in its ability to capture, index, retrieve, paper-based documents and images via LAN/WAN, internet/intranet, fax, and email.

Docit is the ideal document management solution, to help with GDPR compliance. Docit caters for the three main stages of Document Management; Capture, Indexing, Retrieval of paper-based documents and electronic files.



At the capture level, Docit allows for the capturing of documents. Once set-up, the user only has to press one button to have all documents scanned in to the system.



During the indexing session, the system caters for appending documents to already existing indexed documents or have completely new indexed documents created. If a document is un-needed for any reason, the document may be deleted



Any previously indexed document may be retrieved, by using one or more of its indexed information fields. Once located the document may be opened in the Viewer, which allows the full range of annotation

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