Docit from Copymoore is a complete Document Management System which allows your organisation to easily manage all paperwork with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Traditionally, all paper documents, such as resumes and personnel files, must be sorted and put into files to be placed in an expensive filing cabinet. When a file is needed, it has to be retrieved and then filed away again, making it easy to misplace.

With Docit, documents are scanned, indexed and shredded before they make it to the filing cabinet. This eliminates retrieval costs, distribution costs, storage costs, increases productivity and gives you peace of mind that you will never loose or misplace a document again.

Docit is also completely revenue compliant – meaning you are no longer required to keep original documentation. That messy filing cabinet is a thing of the past!

Easy Retrieval

When a document is scanned and indexed with our user friendly software it can be retrieved instantly by anyone authorized to view it in any location. Search for a document by name, keyword, content or any other variable in seconds, making the process both quick and efficient.

Improved Document Distribution

Paper documents usually require photocopying to be shared. Eliminate this wastefulness with Copymoore’s Docit. Employees can forward a document electronically to several users simultaneously, allowing each to review, annotate and comment on the contents.

Improved Security and Disaster Recovery

If your office is affected by a fire or burst water pipe, paper files are often damaged beyond repair. Even without a catastrophe, paper documents are lost, destroyed and misplaced regularly. Docit eliminates the risk of losing documents by automatically backing up documents to the cloud. Docit also provides increased security for sensitive documents.