Accounting4 Work aQrate is a tool used for the management of your entire output field which satisfies the high requirements placed on data security and the optimisation of printing costs.  With embedded terminals you will be provided with an individually configured user menu by which you can manage print jobs. Here it is possible to process, edit and delete print jobs from various system environments, change the number of copies or add duplex printing and stapling. Similarly, the printing and copying costs can be called up for each project via the menu and therefore be clearly and verifiably passed on to the party concerned.

Print jobs are protected against unauthorized access and can only be released after authentication.

Collection of print jobs at each multifunctional system – no matter if A4 or A3 – all have the same menu structure.

Select print jobs to be released, re-reprinted or scanned quickly and easily to personalised destinations.

Easy to use:
Intuitive user interface, unified operation and clearly laid out display.


User Convenience:
Users can access their individual job lists via the web client.

Supported functions:

  • Deleting print jobs
  • Reprinting of already printed jobs
  • Managing of favourites
  • Changing job priorities
  • Changing owners of a print job (administrators only!)

Overview of Costs and Usage:

  • Flexible creation of real-time reports
  • Scheduled and automated creation of reports inc. e-mail dispatch

Export function to several file formats e. g. CSV, PDF, XML