Application Solutions

A summary of each of Copymoore's Application Solutions

Copymoore can offer the highest standard of Application Solutions

Colour Control

Restrict the colour functionality of UTAX MFP's

Provides colour functionality to only those who really need it
Saves on consumables and other associated printing costs
Provides a "Public Access" button for general black and white use
Promotes appropriate and efficient use of MFP's
Compatible with all colour HyPAS - enabled and capable MFP's

Language Select

Allows quick and easy language switching on the multi-function control panel.

Change the language of the control panel without having to deal with the menu structure and adjustment of system
Easy operation with one button; simply select the relevant country flag on the display
Available languages include French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese

UTAX Print App

App for wireless connection of mobile devices with compatible UTAX printers and multifunctional systems.

Print photos and documents - or even entire Web Pages - from your mobile device
Scan files from an MFP directly to your mobile device
Create favourites shortcuts for your most commonly accessed device

Air Printer

An iOS-based application, enabling digital content to be printed on its own network wirelessly

Driverless printing
All compatible printers on network are automatically visible
Automatic media selection and quality editing options

Cloud Connect

Uncomplicated solution that allows the only access to their personal cloud

Anytime, anywhere access to store files - frees up mobile device memory, while eliminating the need to transport hard copy files
Flexible, easy and secure retrieval and printing of your stored files from any UTAX MFP
Upload scanned files directly into Evernote or Google Drive - No need to send scanned files to a PC
Add tags or note content for accurate search and retrieval of your documents
Both Evernote and Google Drive support JPEG, PDF and TIFF file formats. Google Drive also supports google Document formats